импорт Англия
д.р. 16.12.2013
(Ch. Kyraloebis Italian Gigalo * WannieWille's Foger Me Not)
Заводчик miss L. Wooley (affix Bethalees's UK)

Hereditarily clear L2HGA

Hereditarily clear HSF4

PHPV-HC clear

Вице Юный Чемпион Европы"14
ТОП щенок 2014 года Рез. Лучший Стаффорд 2015, 2015 (рейтинг НКП)
ТОП стаффорд 2016 (рейтинг НКП), Чемпион Национального Клуба,
Чемпион России. STUD NUMBER BOOK

Выставочные результаты Дирка

20.05.2017 (Pushkino) NDS judges Trofumov D. and Ostrovskaya M. - BOB. BIG and Res. BIS!

01.04.2017 (UK) National Terrier Show judge Paul Stanway - Won open class (enteres 24)

27.03.2017 (Moscow) STBT Club Winner judge Alan Hedges (UK) - CW and male


10.12.2016 (Tula) STBT Club judge Dmitriy Trofimov(Ru)- CW, BOB!!!

06.12.2016 (Moscow) STBT Club Winner judge James Brynes (Irl) - CW and BOS!!! Kennel Lawstaff - Best kennel!

09.10.2016 (Moscow) STBT Club Winner judge Kuplyauskas E.(Ru) - CW, BOS and BOB!!!

20.08,2016 (Moscow) Championship judge Liz Stanway (UK) - 2nd in the Champion class

13.08.2016 (Moscow) National STBT Club  judge Vesa Lehtoneni (Fin) - CW, BOS

13.08,2016 (Moscow) NDS judge Tarmo Virtela (Fin) - CW, BOB

31.07.2016 (Finland) Club Show judge Erica Schelfhorst (Au) - 3rd in the Champion class (29 entries)

21.06.2016 (Moscow) WDS judge Mikhail Permyakov (Ru) - 2nd in the Champion class (2/25)

04,2016 (Moscow) NDS Show judge Lessi Tchistyakova (Ru) - BOB, BIG and BIS!!!!

27.12.2015 (Moscow) National STBT Club Winner judge La Rocco (It) - CW

28.11.2015 (Moscow) National STBT Club Winner judge Lessi Tchistyakova (Ru) - Best male and BOB

31.10.2015 (Moskow) Russia -1 IDS judge Cathy Delmar (Irl) - CACIB, BOS, Qualification for Crufts

24.10.2015 (St-Petersburg) Championship Club STBT Ru judge Cornelia Bergundthal (But's Charming Ruffians) - CW and Res. Best Male.

20.09.2015 (UK) NESTBTC show judge Elaine Norton (Tikkurilan) - 1st Limit dog and STUD BOOK number! Qualification for Crufts for life!!

19.09.2015 (UK) NCSBTC judge Peter Naylor - 4th in the Limit class

05.07.2015 (Tula) NDS judge Trofimov V. (RU) - BOB and BIG!!!!

21.06.2015 (Moscow) Club Show Winner Club judge C. Butrimova (Lithuania) - CW (intermedia class)

30.05.2015 (Moscow) NDS judge Desmond James Murphey (USA) - BOB and BIG!!!!

30.05.2015 (Moscow) NDS judge Mica Mladenovic (Serbia) - BOB and BIG-3!!!

10.05.2015 (Moscow) NDS judge Leonova Natalia (Ru) - BOB and BIG-2

04.05.2015 (UK) MB&CSBTC (C) judge Colin Powell (UK) - 1st in the junioe class QC

03.05.2015 (UK) MSBTC (C) judge Pete Hopgood (UK) - 5th in the junior class

25.04.2015 (Moscow) NDS judge Ostrovskaya M. (Ru) - BOB, BIG and BIS!!!

01.02.2015 (Moscow) Club Show judge Leonova Natalia (Ru) - CW. Best Junior and BOB

21.12.2014 (Lithuania) CACIB Show judge Lessi Tchistyakova (Ru) - CW. Best Junior and BOB

20.12.2014 (Lithuania) CACIB Show judge Bojan Matakovic (Cro) - CW. Best Junior and BOB

14.12.2014 (Moscow) Winner Club Show judge S. Oates (Irl) - 3rd in the junior class

08.11.2014 (Moscow) Russia CACIB Show Adolfo Matinez Noguera (Spain) -2nd in the junior class

25.10.2014 Club Show SBT CZ judge Mrs. Helen Wall (UK) - 2nd in the junior class

24.10.2014 (Brno) EDS judge James Byrnes (Irl) - Vice Young Champion of Europe

23.10.2014 (Brno) CAC Show judge Davies Colin (UK ) - exl

14.09.2014 (Moscow) Championship Club judge Martin Murthy (Irl) - CW Best Puppy of breed

22.06.2014 (Moscow) Club Show judge Revaz Khomasuridze (Ru) - CW Best Puppy of breed

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